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Earn Upto £1,000 When You Refer A Customer

In order to earn a £1,000 referral commission, fill out the referral form below with your details, the details of the person or company that you are referring and leave the rest to us. We will professionally follow up on your referral, work with your friend to provide them with the solution they need and let you know when they become a customer.

You can rest assured that your referral is in safe hands and should your referral turn into an even bigger customer later on down the line, you may qualify for an additional £1,000 referral bonus, making sure that you are properly compensated for sending that business our way. You can trust Nasstar to look after your referrals and be discrete.

Industry Leading Referral Scheme

Unlike other companies who reward referrals with service credits or gifts, we pay out commissions and bonuses for all referrals that convert into customers. We pay referral commissions and bonuses promptly, directly to your bank account.

We will protect your privacy when dealing with referrals and all dealings will remain between Nasstar and yourself. You can rely on our complete discretion when passing referrals to us and when we follow up mentioning your name.

If one day in the future the referral you passed us that became a customer, eventually turns into a very big customer, you will be eligible for an additional referral bonus on top of the original referral commission.

Refer a Friend

Please let your friend know that we will be contacting them to talk about our services, in order to earn the referral commission you must introduce us to your friend properly so that our initial call is not a surprise.

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